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Scrivere musica


The Association of High Musical Culture "WA Mozart" has been engaged since 2005 in the diffusion of Music through the organization of courses, concerts, competitions, workshops, concert lessons, reviews and music festivals.

Music school affiliated with the

Conservatory of Music

"T. Schipa ”of Lecce.

Image by Clark Young

In our courses each student is followed with care and attention by qualified professionals on the basis of a personalized musical path and always in line with the right teaching and learning criteria. The individual and / or group lessons are accompanied by laboratory activities of ensemble music both in the classical and rock fields. This is in order to give everyone the opportunity to mature many musical experiences, which can be spent in the school and in the world of work.

Students are periodically involved in internships, festivals, competitions, study holidays and musical afternoons in which they become the protagonists.

We also adhere to a project for evaluating musical learning.

The activities of the Association are sponsored by numerous public and private bodies such as Municipalities, Middle Schools with a musical orientation, Conservatories, associations and concert organizations.

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