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The five-point agreement with the Conservatory


The signing of the agreement between the Association of High Musical Culture "WA Mozart" and the Conservatory "T. Schipa ”of Lecce has an educational, musical and artistic value for the whole territory of southern Salento, in particular for all parents who think of directing their children towards the study of music. Thanks to it, our students are didactically equivalent to those of the Conservatory, having the possibility of obtaining intermediate skills certifications.

It is advisable as well as useful to clarify the benefits deriving from the agreement for our students:


The Conservatory recognizes the didactic quality of the activities carried out, of the teaching methods and the professionalism of the teachers, by virtue of the excellent results achieved by the students during the exams for the certification of the musical skills acquired;


The Association becomes a unique point of reference in the musical education of southern Salento, thanks to the educational offer that ranges from musical preparations for pre-school children, to classical music up to rock and pop.


Parents have the certainty of entrusting their children to a dynamic reality in which didactic and artistic stimuli are aimed at the growth of the pupil. Every parent in giving the opportunity to their children to study music faces sacrifices and sacrifices, they must correspond to measurable satisfactions in evident and concrete results.


Students are placed in a didactic context in which the atmosphere of friendship, enthusiasm, didactic and artistic experiences make the musical journey unique and unforgettable;


Quality is the hallmark of our training courses because each student is special and could potentially become a music professional.

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